About us

Encantos Joyería creates exclusive and exotic collections, we are known to create pieces of great taste and creativity.

Each jewel is handmade by dedicated and expert Honduran artisans, based on designs that were created to complement the personality of the woman who wears them – both drawing the eye and adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

We distinguish ourselves through our use of high quality metals, such as 925 silver and 10 k, 14 k, 18 k gold, in communion with precious and semi-precious stones, to enhance the image of the modern woman.

Encantos was created through family tradition - from watching our mother work in her jewelry shop and learning from her creativity and techniques. From 2007 onward, we took on the challenge of establishing a jewelry shop that is now well-known across the industry in Honduras.

Our mission

The mission of Encantos Joyería is to offer beautiful jewelry to complement a woman's beauty and provide a touch of elegance to mothers, executives, housewives, girlfriends, wives or businesswomen. We are dedicated to designing, creating and marketing quality jewelry in gold and silver, with precious and semi-precious stones to help complement the unique personality of our customers.

Our vision

To be jewellery manufacturers with unique and exotic collections.