Chic crystal and zirconia earrings
Chic crystal and zirconia earrings
Chic crystal and zirconia earrings
Chic crystal and zirconia earrings
Woman with Chic crystal and zirconia earrings

Chic crystal and zirconia earrings with 18k gold-plated silver

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With these Chic Earrings you will always feel elegant and fashionable at  events where you want to look beautiful and to shine brightly, with the stunning combination of crystals, zirconia and gold plating. With their exotic touch, they also work well with a more versatile style.

These Earrings by Encantos unite gorgeous stones and metals – each stand out for their quality and aesthetics. Zirconia is the quintessential alternative to diamond for its durability and brilliance. Crystal, on the other hand, has been valued since ancient times as an amulet that brings joy to its owner and looks luxurious and refined. Likewise, we use Sterling Silver 925 for its high quality. These sterling silver earrings were bathed in 18k yellow gold and finished off with a brilliant polish, creating an attractive and very elegant jewel.

For over two decades Encantos has been creating unique and exotic collections, made by expert Honduran artisans. As a jewelry store, we are known to provide personalized services and tasteful jewelry.

Show off the sparkle and quality of the natural stones, silver and gold, by wearing your Encantos Jewelry Earrings to your next special occasion.


  • Silver earrings with an 18k yellow gold coating, natural crystals and zirconia. Ideal for special meetings.
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Metal weight: 7.6 g
  • Size: Medium
  • Measurements: 27 mm
  • Stones: Natural crystals and zirconia
  • Stone measurements: 1 - 3 mm
  • Polishing: Bright metal polish
  • Fastening: Pin and butterfly
  • Packaging: Gift box 
  • Care: Do not expose your jewelry to the sun and sea water for long periods of time. Keep them in a jewelry box with a fabric-covered interior. Do not apply bleach, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine or abrasive liquids. Clean your jewelry only with mild products such as soap or detergent with a low percentage of phosphate. To remove light stains and oxidation of silver you can use bicarbonate, rubbing the surface with a soft cloth. Do not expose your pearl jewelry to oils, perfumes and other abrasive products. With frequent use, a thin layer of grey or white colour may appear on the gold, which you can remove by using a simple eraser. If this dirt appears in places of the jewelry that, due to their design, are difficult to access, we recommend visiting an expert jeweler for cleaning.

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