Handmade pearl earrings with zirconia and silver
Pearl with zirconia and silver earrings
Pearl and zirconia earrings
Pearl with zirconia and silver earrings

Handmade pearl earrings with zirconia and silver

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These chic earrings work well for everyday use at the office or at an important business meeting. Look alluring and composed, with the elegance and sobriety of the pearl, along with the glitter and sparkle of the zirconia stones. 

The pearl is present in our collections for different reasons: it is the first gem in history, and has been kept alive by its beauty and natural origins. In these earrings, which were 100% handmade by Honduran craftsmen, we have combined the pearl with the brilliance and elegance of the zirconia, a stone that expert jewelers use par excellence as an alternative to the diamond. In addition, these earrings were made using the best 925 silver, considered top-line for its purity and quality.

The pearl symbolizes kindness, loyalty and justice. In Latin it means "unique", defining this gem perfectly, because no two pearls are the same. It is timeless and its use in high jewelry calls for constant innovation – it has become increasingly trendy over the years, as pendent earrings or combined with other stones and metals, as with these earrings by Encantos.


  • Natural pearl earrings with zirconia and silver, handmade in Honduras. Perfect for daily use and at the office.
  • Material: Plata 925
  • Metal weight: 6.8 g
  • Size: Medium
  • Measurements: 24 mm
  • Stones: Natural pearl and Zirconia AAAAAA
  • Stone measurements: 1 - 8 mm
  • Polishing: Bright metal polish
  • Fastening: Pin and butterfly
  • Packaging: Gift box
  • Care: Do not expose your jewelry to the sun and sea water for long periods of time. Keep them in a jewelry box with a fabric-covered interior. Do not apply bleach, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine or abrasive liquids. Clean your jewelry only with mild products such as soap or detergent with a low percentage of phosphate. To remove light stains and oxidation of silver you can use bicarbonate, rubbing the surface with a soft cloth.
  • Always present in fashion, pearl earrings are gaining a growing popularity as a feminine accessory. Wear these pearl earrings every day – at work and during business meetings, for utimate style and elegance

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