Triangular gemotric earrings in silver
Triangular earrings
The fastening of pin and butterfly
Triangular gemotric earrings
Gemotric earrings in silver

Triangular gemotric earrings in silver

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These earrings were designed for the avant-garde, creative woman who loves to try out different styles and shape her everyday look. We were inspired by the geometric figures that embody the Zen philosophy – these can be observed in the simplicity and harmony of the triangle.

These geometric earrings were 100% handmade in Honduras by our expert artisans using 925 silver, which is considered first class due to its high purity. This means that the jewelry is composed of 925 thousandths of silver or a percentage of 92.5 % of pure silver. In other words, you will be wearing a metal that is sought-after in fine jewelry because of its quality and characteristics. The final touch is the brilliant polish that adds elegance and lustre to each piece.

Jewelry publications describe the woman who enjoys geometric jewelry as a person who seeks an orderly and harmonious life. But this does not mean that she is shy, and she often makes an impact with her creativity, guided by security her zest for trying new styles. On the red carpet, we have seen artists like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez wear geometric designs – these are women with a high sense of individuality, who do not let themselves be carried away by criticism and who know exactly who they are and what they want.


  • Silver earrings with triangular geometry. Perfect for everyday use. Handmade in Honduras.
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Metal weight: 2.9 g Size:
  • Medium Measurements: 24 mm
  • Polishing: Bright metal polish
  • Fastening: Pin and butterfly
  • Packaging: Gift box
  • Care: Do not expose your jewelry to the sun and sea water for long periods of time. Keep them in a jewelry box with a fabric-covered interior. Do not apply bleach, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine or abrasive liquids. Clean your jewelry only with mild products such as soap or detergent with a low percentage of phosphate. To remove light stains and oxidation of silver you can use bicarbonate, rubbing the surface with a soft cloth.
  • If geometric jewelry is to your liking, these silver earrings are the perfect choice for you, as a woman whose taste goes beyond trends, and is heavily guided by her instincts and creativity.

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